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CFMPL ensures that our customers get the best possible transport solutions at the least possible cost. Speed, safety and customer feedback are part of our culture.

Container Transportation
Container Transportation | Specialized Car Carriers

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Our Services

We provide nationwide transport services for all kind of products. A robust management process efficiently deploys and utilizes assets to improve effectiveness and reduce costs in the supply-chain, round the clock, round the year. All our transport vehicles like LCVs, Open Trucks, and containerized vehicles are tracked right from source to destination .We keep our customers informed about the transit time and raise the bar for our competitors with strong on-time performance. Our utmost concern is the safety of goods in transit. Our vehicles are in good condition and the containerized vehicles have one time tamper proof seal (locking mechanism) which avoid shortages/pilferage, transhipment and extraneous loading during transit and hence it results in significant reduction of transit losses. As per request, we can also provide an escort along with the vehicle.

Some of our core service solutions include but not limited to are:

Container Transportation

Origin to Destination

CFMPL provides customized and economic logistic solutions that suit the requirements of the industry. We specialize in delivering the goods efficiently countrywide.

LCV Movement

We provide various types of commercial vehicles depending upon the nature of goods. Light commercial vehicles are apt for transportation within the city and used for our door to door services.

Full Truck Load

CFMPL provides full truck load facility to their customers, which is economical and hassle-free. We strive towards providing our customers with good-conditioned vehicles that ensures on-time delivery.

Specialized Car Carriers

CPMPL provides specialized vehicles apt for transporting cars and other vehicles. We have a fleet of various carrier sizes suitable for various models and dimensions.

Over-Dimensional Cargo

We are the leading logistic company to provide with trailers which are used to transport over-dimensional cargo that are large-sized and bulky. CFMPL has been working with clients to transport over-sized pipes, windmills and turbines efficiently.

Container Transportation

We at CFMPL have been constantly working towards providing logistic solutions with utmost safety. Containers ensure safe transit of the valuable goods as they are air tight and completely sealed.

Contracted & Committed Vehicle Availability

CFMPL ensures the availability of our vehicles on special request. We have a fleet of vehicles that are committed to our clients on contract basis for regular deliveries.

Total Logistic Solutions

In addition to transportation, CFMPL helps their customers with end to end logistic solutions that include insurance of goods, warehousing and escorting. Thus, improving the supply-chain management for all our clients.